I Got Hosed

The internet convinced me that it was ok to put a hose on my wall.

I wanted something springy that would fill the space on the wall in the foyer and not be some long, drawn out pinterest nightmare that involved Michael’s or Hobby Lobby more than once. To Pinterest!

When I made mention of this “springtime masterpiece” Justin said he had a garden hose that matched the example I showed to him. How convenient!

A full 24 hours after I lovingly attached the flowers and gardening gloves and fancy ribbon just so… 24 hours after I hung it on the wall in the foyer… he comes into the kitchen giggling to himself. Apparently THAT hose was the hose we previously used to RINSE THE SEWER TANK IN THE RV!!!

He claimed that he “forgot” and that he thoroughly sanitized it, and that it didn’t actually ever touch anything, he just used it at the dump stations to hook up to the rinse valve.

Now, I have a shit wreath on the wall.

I’m not bitter, I’m just leaving it there all summer.

Happy Spring!


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