Call the Police, Mildred! Those Homeless People are Back!


Armadillidiidae sounds like much more fun than roly poly or doodle bug. Try it! (there are several pronunciations, this is the one I ‘rolled’ with) Arma-dilla-die-a-dee! Now say it three times fast. Wasn’t that entertaining for a second? And also a little weird? Hopefully you weren’t in public, weirdo.

My birthday was on the 25th of July! Happy birthday to me! We spent the day taking Wesson to the doctor because he’d had an asthma attack the day before and cultivated that into a case of croup. He’s such a good collector of respiratory illness. I did manage to make a birthday cake that morning. I always make my own cake because I actually enjoy it! For the last few years the designated birthday cake recipe has been this ridiculous Oreo cake because cream cheese and Cool hWhip and chocolate are reason enough.

Months ago I had made a passing comment that I’d like to follow a few Bob Ross episodes some day. My wonderful husband actually remembered this off-hand comment from who knows when!


Look at all those cool art supplies! There were also acrylic paints and a fancy case full of paint brushes. The kids laughed their buns off at that three inch canvas and easel. I haven’t decided what to paint on it but it will most likely be happy and little.

My parents got me an ultra cool lightweight hammock to hang between the trees when we make it back to the woods, and Justin’s parents funded a hotdog bun shaped air lounger thingy. The latter has been repeatedly swiped by my children, my husband, and even my own mother.

To be fair, it IS incredibly comfortable. I have a feeling we’ll be buying a few more before the end of the summer.

We ended up back in West Michigan that week because Justin’s Aunt Sharon, Uncle Dan, and cousin Christina were visiting from Pennsylvania! Aunt Terri was throwing a picnic at the lake cottage to get everyone together. We had considered leaving the camper at my parents house and getting a hotel room or staying with family, then we decided to have the RV shop try to fix the damage they had caused so it had to come with us. Things were going great until the first morning when we woke up to this note on all of the cars at the house.



It was parked at the house for one night, left for five weeks, came back for two nights, then was gone for a month before this time around. And it had only been in that spot for less than 24 hours. I could argue that it takes up just as much space as a couple of cars and we didn’t have the slides out. The bottom line was that somebody was cheesed about it, warranted or not. The sentence that really burns my butt is the ‘unsightly’ one. My brand new 2017 camper is unsightly? A call to the city revealed that RV’s are not allowed in the street at any time for any amount of time ever! Not wanting to start any trouble we moved it to the street in front of Justin’s parents house several cities over. Guess what? The neighbors there waited about an hour to call the police. They were told it would be there for less than 48 hours more and they really weren’t concerned. Just to be safe I attached a note to the window with our contact info in case anyone else got a bug up their ass. Now we know. Thanks for your hospitality, Ottawa and Kent Counties!

Remember when I said the shop was going to fix the damage they’d caused? Instead of making things new, they mangled the already mangled gutter and colored the fiberglass with a washable marker. MAKES PERFECT SENSE, RIGHT!?! After an angry conversation and several drafts of an agreement we’re again going to take it to another dealership and the crappy place will be footing the bill. At least they had the check ready to go for the battery they’d fried so we don’t have to go back there ever again.

The picnic at the lake cottage was perfect, of course, and the kids had an absolute blast playing with their cousins!


Who wouldn’t love this!?

Sunday morning we high-tailed it out of town to make it back in time for Maker Faire at The Henry Ford in Dearborn. Wesson and I got free tickets, basically. I had a Groupon gift card that I had gotten from some survey or whatever and the tickets were half-off.

There were tons of robots, crafts to do, science experiments to check out, neat machines, things to ride, and – believe it or not – the highlight of the boy’s day was that there were TWO DIFFERENT WIENERMOBILES! My favorite Maker Faire thing was the liquid nitrogen cooled frozen custard. They poured the liquid nitrogen right into the mixer bowl with the custard mix! We sculpted race cars and painted with giant stampers. We rode tiny bikes with Cirque Amongus. We drove robots with Kettering University. It was incredibly hot and sweaty outside and we did hang out inside for a while too. Wesson really wanted to explore more of the museum so we’re going to have to go back there sometime soon.

I think we’re all enjoying this stint of living in Michigan, the kids especially. This is the most time they’ve ever spent with either set of grandparents and definitely the most times they’ve seen their cousins and aunts and uncles in a year. A Michigan summer is just what we needed.


2 thoughts on “Call the Police, Mildred! Those Homeless People are Back!

  1. Hey, look at you, got that next post up in no time at all! I, on the other hand, have not….

    The whole neighbor issue sucks. I’ve heard that “some” folks in the SW part of the state can be prissy like that, especially in the more expensive areas of town/lakeshore. We were concerned about similar issues when we had to temporarily park the truck and trailer (alternately) at our S&B to work on them. Do you follow Wandering Porcupine? Teresa has had a series of posts on dealing with irritating neighbors like this –

    We have been to Maker Faire in the past (WHY does it have to be held on blacktop, with temps always in the 90s???), great way to entertain & educate kids and adults alike.

    How much longer are you in MI? We’re heading to Indiana (from Manistee) on 8/19, I wonder if we could swing a lunch meetup?


    • I just hate being ‘behind’ on posts. It feels overwhelming and rushed. I have one more to do this week and I’ll be caught up for a minute.

      Thankfully that was our first encounter with stinky neighbors. Where we are parked at my parents house we are mostly in the back yard portion of the driveway and nobody cares.

      We’ll be in Michigan until at least October. The husband is having a nose job in the end of September, or as he corrects me “fixing his deviated septum.” I like nose job better. We don’t have any plans to be on the west side any time soon though. Are you wandering or planted in Manistee right now?


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